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with the national budget. the deficit is falling. the measure between the eu and imf cannot be assessed properly. the rating agencies' comments are somewhat inappropriate. >> lisbon has received a 78 billion euro rescue package from the eu and imf. in return, they must cut their annual deficit from 9.1% of gdp to 3% by 2013. the european commission believes that the portuguese plan will be successful. >> with all due respect to that specific rating agency, our institutions know the situation a little bit better. our analysis is more refined and complete. there is no reason to be distracted if we stick to the considerations. growth will return. >> rating agencies to not reveal how they reach their conclusions. markets around the world listen carefully to what they say. >> onto wednesday's market action in european shares struggled as investors reacted to mixed messages on credit ratings and the validity of fresh downgrades. our correspondent gave us this summary of the trading in frankfurt. critics here on the floor say that rating agencies have been wrong too many times to have such power. >> on
on the imf following the resignation of her predecessor, dominique strauss-kahn. >> christine lagarde is the first synchronized swimmer to become head of the imf and also the first woman. in other respects, she is not a novelty at all. she is a european, like every other managing director before her. >> i don't see myself nor do i feel specifically french or european. i feel a member of the entire community. >> there are 187 members of the imf. there has been 11 managing directors. five of them have been french. is it something in the wind that makes french people particularly good at running ims? >> that gives us a longevity. "she spent half a first school days at this private school and outside of washington. she made her name as a lawyer working for a u.s. legal firm. this all goes down very well with the americans. most imf officials are economists. she is not. she was the first woman to chair a u.s. law firm. friends say that makes her more than ready to run the fund. she also lost her predecessor was arrested on sexual assault charges, which might be dropped. >> you don't have t
. >> after more than seven hours of talks here in brussels, the leaders of the euro-zone, the imf and the european central bank have struck a deal that they say will calm the markets, will help greece, and will help the euro. first of all, they agreed to a second loan for greece, 109 billion euros. they'll also give greece more time to pay off its bills and at a lower interest rate. the first person to come out and announce this deal was president sarkozy. this is what he had to say about the new deal for greece. >> translator: i want you to understand, fully gauge the importance of this decision. it is a weighty, mighty decision. we're saying very clearly greece is a very specific case and what we are doing for greece, we will do for no one else, no other country. >> as part of this, there's more support for what's called the esfs. this is the facility they use to help countries that are in trouble and they say it will give new rules to this lending facility and they will also be helping this facility to be more flexible. the president of the european council explained that -- he
mckenzie. you do not get to that job without being able to handle a few miscreants inside the imf. some people in the imf are quite happy she is a woman. they are relishing the novelty she is a woman. but in other respects, there are 187 members in the imf. there have been 11 managing directors. but they have all been european and five of them have been french. i asked her whether she felt her credibility was undermined by the fact that she was just another european. >> you may have noticed that before i was elected i went around the world, essentially to explain what i stood for. i made a point of visiting emerging market economies, because there were comments and concerns that this was yet another european. i made it clear that i was coming as a candidate caring as much for emerging market economies, low-income countries , as it developed economies, including the european ones. >> i talked to her later on and joked to her that was there a particular something about french wine, perhaps that may do very good at running the imf. she said it may be improves your longevity. she used it as
on the job. the i.m.f. managing director acts as both a kind of global umpire calling economic balls and strikes and a loan officer evaluating nations who have run out of other places to borrow. >> so basically, as the i.m.f., as the institution that tries to stabilize the international economy, they are going to have to face an increasingly adverse financial market crisis. >> reporter: economist jacob kirkegaard says lagarde's first decision will come this friday when the i.m.f. must decide whether to give greece another $3 billion. just days before, acting as france's finance minister, lagarde was arguing for a greek bailout. but today, she declined to offer an opinion on greece one way or the other. >> so she basically did not take the opportunity to repeat what is still officially the position of the i.m.f., which is that greece will not default, which i would take to suggesting that she has already put on a different set of eyeglasses and is perhaps somewhat more flexible on this issue than she was before. >> reporter: greece has failed to meet the economic targets set as a cond
attorney leading the prosecution of the former i.m.f. chief, dominique strauss-kahn, on sexual assault charges, has rejected a request to step down. lawyers for the hotel maid accusing mr. strauss-kahn of assaulting her the district attorney cyrus vance had undermined their case by leaking damaging information about her client. mr. vance's team had described the request as wholly without merit. and now dominique strauss-kahn's successor at the international monetary fund christine lagarde has started her new job. she will have to tackle the problems in the euro zone. we spoke to christine lagarde in washington. this is the report. >> christine lagarde is the first synchronized swimmer to become head of the i.m.f. she's also the first woman. but in other respects, she's not a novelty at all. after all, she is a european like every other managing director before her. >> i don't see myself, nor do i feel specifically french or european. i feel very much a member of the entire community. and having to serve the entire community. >> there are 187 members of the i.m.f. there have been 11 man
bittermann, thank you for theçó insightlp from paris. >>> on thursday greece voted in5 keep the imf and policymakers happy. after a few days oflpÑi substank gains, european investors itxd seems appear t)@ on this friday fásession. most of the markets broadly opening flat. here's where they stands --t(jf1 a major impasse seems to have been to a certain extent resolved. in the asia pac.íujt)jz stock gñ headedfá higher in tra% on the back of wall street gains and the second greek austerity vote. data still revealed a slump in chinese manufacturing. and that, in turn, pushed the shn>!% composites down. this isc()! day, as you can see. it ended down by north ok.1%, heavier losses from theok marke in australia. we have the seoul kospi, a market that rose up by 1.2%. in the meantime>/s wall street, investigators were feeling bullish as they rounded out the first v!jtc year of trading. strong manufacturing data and fading fears about the greek debt crisis dide1 manage to hel producee1 hefty gains, between and 1.25% int( the majorr the dow industrial average up the mos+gñ that 6a+. >>
of at the point billion inot that. if we aren't in the imf, we won't be a gbal player and also would you agree with me that the opposition needy reminding that in the 1970s the imf bailed out their government? >> i know the prime minister will want to deal with the first part of the second but the second part because it was disorderly. >> i absolutely agree with what my honorable friend said yesterday that the labour party oppose our involvement in the imf. britain is a serious global economy. we should take responsibility for serious global issues including through the imf. >> david simpson. >> thank you, mr. speaker. does the prime minister agree that details of all the weapons and explosives the state mmission in northern ireland should be made publi as promised? and will he agree to have negotiations with the irish government to move forward to the americans to see that it happens? >> well, the point is the independent international commissioning -- commission on decommissioning did not provide us with an inventory. they were an independent body and this was a decision for them to take, di
. coli. it is day one for the new managing director of the imf, christine lagarde, who became the first woman to hold the position. moody's cut portugal's credit rating by four notches. here to discuss the new leader's to do list is an economist. she does like a challenge. it does not look like she will have any quiet moments. >> there are quite a few things on her written that. she has to bring up the reputation and the stature of the imf. even though the sexual assault charges of dominique strauss- kahn -- against her predecessor, dominique strauss- kahn, looks likely to be dismissed -- it was not terribly flattering for the organization. there is a need to restore the representation -- reputation of the organization. >> are there any tools in the box of the imf that she can use, that have not been used yet, to change things? >> how long will the imf and european union insist on this issue that greece shall not be allowed to default? it is increasingly obvious to the private sector that greece is bust. christine lagarde was one of the most inflexible and stalwart defenders of this pol
, "bbc world news." >> the sexual assault case against former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn may be close to collapse. the case is back in a new york court with a report suggesting prosecutors have doubt about their key witness. welcome to "gmt." also in the program -- the chinese communist party celebrate its 90th birthday. do mao and market capitalism makes? and well the king's political concessions satisfy his people? it is midday in london, 1:00 p.m. in paris and 7:00 a.m. in the morning in new york city where there has been another twist in the extraordinary legal case involving the former imf chief dominic strauss-kahn. he faces charges of sexual assault following accusations made by a cleaner and a manhattan hotel. according to "the new york times" prosecutors have grave doubts about the credibility of her -- and their key witness. a court in manhattan will consider relaxing the bail conditions imposed on mr. strauss-kahn. christian frazier is in paris. >> thank you very much. great anticipation building here in paris. everybody waiting to hear what the prosecution says in
with the latest business news. ai, it's been a few days since the new imf chief was selected. >> that's right, catherine, and she actually just held her first news conference. the new head of the international monetary fund has pledged to address greece's fiscal crisis and other pending global issues promptly. imf managing director christine leguard held her first news conference since her inauguration at the imf headquarters in washington on wednesday. lagarde cited debt crisis among industrialized nations and inflationary pressures in emerging countries with overheated economies as major issues for the imf to tackle. >> you know, you have the pressing, immediate issues, but it's a very broad-based issue that needs to be looked at as a matter of urgency. >> lagarde was also positive toward calls by china and other emerging economies about installing an extra deputy imf chief to better represent them in the organization. she said she and other imf executives will discuss the matters in a few days. it's thought that china will get the extra post if it is actually set up. >>> european commissio
both. jon ralston, karen kasler. >> thanks, judd eye. >> brown: still to come on the "newshour": i.m.f. head christine lagarde; the mystery of disappearing bees; haiti, 18 months after the earthquake and the asteroid locked in earth's orbit. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: on wall street, stocks faded in the afternoon to end mostly lower, in the run-up to the vote on the debt ceiling. the dow jones industrial average lost 62 points to close at 12,240. the nasdaq rose more than a point to close at 2,766. a muslim american soldier has admitted to planning an attack on fort hood in texas. private first class naser abdo went absent without leave in early july from his base in fort campbell, kentucky. he was arrested yesterday at his motel near fort hood-- the army post where 13 people were killed in a shooting rampage in 2009. an army email alert said abdo had ammunition, weapons and a bomb inside a backpack and admitted under questioning to planning an attack on the army base. a team of bombers in afghanistan orchestrated a surprise attack on
" tackles the high stakes politics at play. >>> then the new imf head christine lagarde on the grave risk posed by a u.s. default and dominique strauss-kahn's spectacular fall from grace. >>> plus the shocking scandal shaking britain and threatening rupert murdock's media empire. >> announcer: live f fm the newseum in washington, "this week" with christiane amanpour starts right now.. >>> welcome to the program, lots to get to today. but first some major news in the high-stakes negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. late last night house speaker john boehner abruptly reversed course and abandoned the debt efefrt to strike a sweeping $4 trillion debt reduction deal with president obama. boehner is pushing for a scaled package, a move that received stiff oh position from the democrats, all of this hours before the speaker and president meet face-to-face a new round of talks. abc's jonathan karl joins us with more. where do things stand heading into tonight's meeting. >> reporter: a compromise that would have dealt with the debt crisis is dead but there's major negotiation to be done. l
for the new imf chief. "world business today," as the scoop. >>> and india is hungry for change, as rising food prices punish millions of people living in poverty. >>> first, let's get straight to the markets. uncertainty is overshadowing trade at the moment. most of the markets are down. it's a gloomy start to the session in europe, as well. here's how things stand. in the first hour of trading, a number of indices, able to hold on to early morning gains. but we've had the cac 40 moving down one-third at the moment. most markets ended the day lower. and the main reason for the caution here was the prospect of more monetary policy changing on monday. inflation is still a major problem in the second-biggest economy. investors were also focused on australia's central bank. as expected, this central bank left things unchanged. it looks as though that's likely where they're going to be staying in the near term. the reserve bank of australia, said that the country's growth may be weaker than expected going forward. and the aussie dollar did slip on the back of that news. >>> looking ahead to th
against the former imf chief. >>> prosecutors in the high profile sexual assault case against former international monetary fund chief, dominique strauss-kahn, reportedly say the case is in serious trouble. investigators have questions about the credibility of the accuser, a new york hotel housekeeper. they say the accuser has repeatedly lied since the alleged attack. prosecutors also believe that she lied on her application for asylum, including saying she had been raped in her native guinea. strauss-kahn resigned as head of the international monetary fund to defend himself. vigorously denying the charges. meanwhile, earlier this week, french finance minister, christine lagarde was chosen to replace strauss-kahn. lagarde will be the first female to head the imf. so, kim, what impact do you think these developments have on women's being a says of sexual assault? >> so few rapes are reported, anything that makes a woman fear she won't be believe fundamental she reports is worrisome, and the worst of all was the acquittal of those new york city police officers after overwhelming eviden
league skirmish facing former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. he could spend years in prison if convicted. >>> today is the first full day of deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. the jurors who were sequestered got the case around noon yesterday. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she could face the death penalty if she is convicted. >>> former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn could be facing a new criminal complaint on sexual charges. this time from a woman in france. as rita nissan explains, why the woman in question waited years before taking legal action. >>> tristan plans to file a lawsuit in paris tonight against dominique strauss-kahn. the french journalist says strauss-kahn tried to rape her during an interview in his apartment in 2003. she was 22 at the time of the alleged attack, talked about it on french tv four years ago but the producers got out the name. she never pressed charges because her mother who was an official in strauss-kahn's party convinced her not to go to authorities. her lawyer said it was attempted rape and
've got the new imf report that just came out from the international monetary fund which said, the debt ceiling has to be raised, deficits and debt have to be really tackled, but if they do it too fast, too much cutting or too much tax raising, that also could -- that also could jeopardize the recovery. so i think it's very interesting policy situation as well as a political swings. >> the economists you've been talking to do they share the white house's idea that this is the opportunity to do something big or more just despairing about what a mess this is? >> well, both of those things, if you like. there is a sense of dysfunction, there is a sense of paralysis, there's a sense of deep concern because, look, the united states is the world's most stable economy. the u.s. dollar is this is just politics, it's not, it's real oceanides to come to an agreement because what it does want to do is jeopardize its position as the world's most stable economy. i think certainly from outside the united states, that's what people are looking at. they're very concerned, even though the markets haven'
released a former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn from house arrest. prime minister has a -- has an ambitious agenda as they take over presidency of the e you. japan beat mexico in the world cup to make it through to the quarterfinals. the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn walked out of the new york court today freed from house arrest after being accused of sexual assault. he also will have his bail money returned to him. prosecutors in new york voiced doubts about the credibility of his accuser after she admitted that she had lied to a grand jury regarding details that followed the attack. the manhattan district attorney said the case against strauss- kahn will be cocontind -- will continue to be investigated. >> strauss-hn left the building with his wife and without a monitoring bracelet. the judge's decision to release him and returnrn his bail came s a relief to him and his lawyers. strauss-kahn is no longer under house arrest, but the judge said the case will proceed as planned for now. >> of course, the case is not over, as you heard. you will be expected to appear he
against the former imf chief starts to crack. mass protests we through syria as some of the largest protests to date are held against the government. cue the celebration, 590 years old, ominous party of china is out to prove they're still the party to be reckoned with. -- the communist party of china is out to prove they're still a force to be reckoned with. as if there was enough and often extraordinary developments in the case of dominique strauss- kahn, today produced another twist. he is freed from house arrest. the terms of his bail for release after prosecutors released doubts about the credibility of the woman who tried -- to accuse him of rape. dominique strauss-kahn for arrived at court. the media reported that the case against him was on the brink of collapse. the former imf chief said that the prosecution itself raised doubts about the woman who tried to rape her. >> the strength of the case has been affected by the substantial credibility issues, we are not moving to dismiss the case. >> since the cases now weaker, the judge released mr. strauss- kahn from his district -
will likely be police tomorrow. as prosecutors weigh whether not to proceed with the case against former imf had dominique strauss-kahn, the woman at the center of that story is speaking out. the emotional reaction that could turn this entire case upside-down. >> she is the hotel maid who until now has been silent. the 32-year-old who said she did not expect to see dominique strauss-kahn when she went to clean his room in new york city. >> i was like, i am so sorry. he came to meet and cracked my breasts. no, you do not have to be sorry. >> she spoke exclusively to robin roberts, repeating the claim that strauss-kahn the former head of the imf and once considered the favorite to be the next president of france, sexually assaulted her. his lawyers say was consensual. >> i was like, stop this, stop this. but he kept pushing and pushing me. >> she is an immigrant the 15- year-old daughter. she also spoke to "newsweek." >> i think the ftc when she says about context. she comes from a poor village in a very poor country. she got to the u.s. with whatever means. >> since the case in the two months
to attack the media tycoon. the i.m.f. calls on euro's own country to tyke decisive action to stop the debt crisis action. and war in somalia. the recruitment of child soldiers is said to be systematic. it's 9:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> it's 2:00 a.m. here in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs and around the world, this is "newsday"." >> the british prime minister david cameron will make statements to the house of commons later, the start of an all-day debate in the latest developments in the phone hacking scandal. it follows the dramatic testimony on tuesday by rupert murdoch. appearing before m.p.'s, the media tycoon said it was the most humble day of his life but he refused to take personal responsibility for the crisis which engulfs the news world. he appeared before a select committee by his son james. nick robinson reports. >> end to britain's most powerful, most feared media going you will. the policemen are there to protect rupert and james murdoch, not take that -- them into questioning. that fell into a crew of m.p.'s. his wife was behind him. offering physical and emotiona
as the case against the former i.m.f. chief starts to crack. mass demonstrations sweeps through syria. some of the biggest anti-government protests so far. colonel qaddafi addresses his supporters threatening attacks against europe and series of explosions heard in his capital. welcome to bbc news, broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. the return of the former thai leader's sister has high hopes for sunday. all smiles on canada day as the duke of cambridge tries out his french on the crowd. hello and welcome. a judge in new york has lifted the strict bail conditions imposed on the former head of international monetary funds of daniel strauss kahn amid-intense speculation the sexual assault case against him is faltering. he's been under house arrest in new york since posting a $6 million bail bond in may. now he's free to travel in america, although he can't leave the country, and must appear in court again later this month. this report contains is flash photography. >> a relaxed and confident dominique strauss kahn arrived at the court flanked by his loyal wi
of collapse. in court, the former i.m.f. chief heard the prosecution itself raise doubts about the woman he she claims tried to rape her. >> the credibility issues, we are not moving to dismiss the case this time. >> since the case is now weaker, the judge released mr. strauss kahn from his strict bail conditions. >> thank you, your honor. >> he'll get back the $6 million posted in bait and insurance. his lawyers believe it won't be long until the charges are dropped. >> just maintain from the beginning that mr. strauss cannes is -- strauss kahn is innocent of these charges and these recent disclosures reenforce our conviction that he'll be exonerated. >> a maid from begin knee claimed he attempted to rape and sexually assault her. but now prosecutors say the maid lied to the grand jury, claiming she hid in the hallway and she now admits to cleaning another room before reporting the alleged attack. the prosecutor claim she lied about the investigation to being raped in guinea. outside court, her lawyer gave a graphic account of the injuries she sustained during the attempted rape. >> the me
of the imf, france's former finance minister christine lagarde on the fate of america, greece, the euro and more. >>> also the knight's tell particular. why in the world is an 800-year-old religious organization being cited by murderers on at least two continents? finally, what is this green blob attacking china? >>> first here is my take. i know you heard so much about the debt ceiling that you're probably exhausted. i think it's important to point out a few facts because this matter has been so clouded by rhetoric. did you know there is only one other country in the world that even has a debt ceiling? that's denmark. it's a strange anomaly because its debt ceiling is deliberately kept very high so it will never need to be raised. why does no one else have a debt ceiling? because when a legislature votes to authorize spending at a certain level, but authorizes tax revenues at a lower level, it is assumed the government will have to borrow the difference. the vote to have higher expenditures than tax revenues is in effect a vote to borrow money to cover the difference. in the juntd stat
menu >>> the former head of the imf walked out of court free without bail this morning after a bombshell that could cripple the sexual assault case against them. prosecutors have reasons to not fully trust the hotel maid of her accusations of rape. >> dominique strauss-kahn walked out of court free on his own recognizance. they had reasons to reais says their case. >> although the case has been affected by the substance credibility issues we are not moving to dismiss the case at this time. >> they uncovered financial and telephone records that could link the hotel maid to criminal activity. a potential bombshell. he has been under home confinement from this manhattan apartment. 24-hour surveillance and electronic monitor. that was lifted during the hearing and the lawyers said they were thrilled. >> i think it's appropriate that on the eve of independence day we get to celebrate for dominique strauss-kahn and his family a bit of personal independence. >> a lawyer for the alleged victim, hotel maid who was an immigrant was outraged. >> only defense that domi
. they will fight sexual assault charges in the u.s.. she is the first woman to head the imf since it was created 70 years ago. the imf is taking a leading role in the year as of the crisis. and in the bailout of greece. she is expected to make her fit public appearance on wewednesy. >> we have a world cup action for your right now. germany is facing off against france. both teams are through to the final, but there is the top spot to play for and the score with about 15 minutes of play, the winner of that match will face japan in the next round. they came second after losing earlier today. here's a look at the action so far. >> england took the lead after 15 minutes when she spotted them and punish them. japan started a slight favorite, but she kept her cool. japan go through to the quarter final stage. mexico also have a chance of progress in here a just after to an attack. to-0 aft half an hour theory aha a health of making the quarter finals of of credit when new zealand had back twice in the dying minutes. and then in the fourth minute, they secured the first ever a world cup points in the been
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 749 (some duplicates have been removed)